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Why Choose Back Desk Global?

Access To Global Talent

Tap into our global talent pool without the costs associated with international recruitment and relocation.

Significant Cost Reduction

Our clients can rest easy knowing they don’t have to worry about Workers Comp, US Based Medical Coverage, Unemployment Insurance, Payroll Processing Overhead, Employment Practices Liability, etc. when hiring our Virtual Assistants.

Zero Liability

Our clients enjoy zero liability when hiring our skilled virtual assistants. We handle sourcing and identifying quality candidates to recruitment and management, ensuring you receive top-notch support without administrative burdens.

Focus On Core Business

Our services help you free up resources and money, which you can use to grow your company and increase revenue. By delegating tasks to us, you can keep your company running smoothly while focusing on your main business activities. This way, your organization stays productive and on track with its growth goals.
Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

Increased Sales & Streamlined Operations

"Before Back Desk, I was drowning in emails, packing orders, and managing social media. It was impossible to focus on growing my boutique."

Melissa Van Staden, Women's Apparel Shop Owner
Improved Efficiency & Cost Savings

As a small agency, budget is always a concern. Back Desk virtual assistants allowed us to expand our team at a fraction of the cost. Our virtual assistants handle data entry, email marketing campaigns, and social media scheduling. They're incredibly efficient and detail-oriented. We've seen a significant improvement in workflow and project turnaround times. Hiring Back Desk Virtual Assistants was one of the best decisions for our agency!

Jean Victors, Digital Marketing Head
Enhanced Customer Service & Global Reach

Our Virtual Assistants handle data entry, email marketing, and social media scheduling with incredible efficiency and attention to detail. Hiring them was one of our best decisions!

Sarah Smith, Tech Development CEO
Reduced Administrative Burden & More Patient Time

Running a dental practice involved a lot of paperwork and scheduling. It took away time I could be spending with patients. Back Desk Virtual Assistants have been a game-changer! They handle appointment scheduling, insurance verification, and patient communication. They're organized, efficient, and incredibly friendly. Now, I can focus on providing top-notch dental care and building patient relationships. Hiring Back Desk Virtual Assistants freed up my schedule and boosted patient satisfaction!

Warren Lloyd, Dentistry
Enhanced Practice Efficiency & Improved Work-Life Balance

As a solo practitioner, juggling patient care and administrative tasks was overwhelming. Back Desk Virtual Assistants eased my workload significantly. They handle appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and medical record management. They're reliable, detail-oriented, and understand the importance of patient confidentiality. My practice runs smoothly, and I finally have time for professional development and a healthy work-life balance. Thank you, Back Desk!

Dr. Julia Thompson, Thompson Medical Clinic

What's In It For YOU?

Saves Money

Expand Your Team Without Breaking the Bank. Our Rates Are Affordable!
  • Cost-Effective Solution
Compared to labor costs in the US and Europe, hiring Filipino VAs presents substantial savings on salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses.
  • Scalable Support
Pay only for the hours you need. Easily adjust your team size as your business requirements evolve.
  • Focus Your Budget
Free up capital to invest in strategic initiatives that drive growth.

Work How You Want.

Need Part-Time or Full-Time Help? We've Got You Covered. Grow Your Team As You Grow
  • Flexible Solutions
We offer a variety of engagement models to perfectly fit your needs.
  • Seamless Onboarding
Our team handles the recruitment and onboarding process, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Grow with Confidence 
Scale your Virtual Assistant team effortlessly as your business expands, ensuring continued support for your growing workload.

Easy Communication.

Collaborate. Even Across Time Zones. Our Virtual Assistants Speak Fluent English and Understand Remote Work.
  • Communication Skills
Experience seamless communication with Virtual Assistants who are proficient in English and understand the nuances of written and verbal communication.
  • Time Zone Expertise
Our Virtual Assistants are comfortable working across time zones, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and deadlines are met.
  • Remote Work Champions
They thrive in a remote work environment and are adept at using online collaboration tools to stay connected and productive.

Back Desk Global Benefits

Lower Payroll Expenses

Save on salaries, benefits, and taxes by outsourcing rather than hiring full-time employees.

Scalability & Flexibility

Adjust the size of your workforce according to business needs without the financial risks of hiring and laying off employees.

Training & Development

Avoid the costs associated with training new employees, as our virtual assistants are already highly trained and experienced.

Infrastructure Savings

No need to invest in expensive technology and infrastructure as we provide all necessary tools and platforms.

Operational Efficiency

Benefit from streamlined processes and improved efficiency, leading to faster turnaround times and reduced operational costs.

Administrative Savings

Lower administrative burdens and costs associated with HR, payroll, and other back-office functions.

Reduced Risk

Minimize risks related to employment law compliance, worker's compensation, and other legal liabilities.

24/7 Support

Take advantage of round-the-clock services without the added costs of night shifts and overtime pay.

Why Hire Back Desk Virtual Assistants?

  • Unmatched Dedication & Growth
Back Desk Virtual Assistants are renowned for their strong work ethic and eagerness to learn. They go the extra mile to ensure your tasks are completed flawlessly. Our rigorous selection process guarantees you get a highly motivated Virtual Assistant who thrives on exceeding expectations.
  • Client Satisfaction is Their Priority
Back Desk Virtual Assistants are customer service champions. Expect professional communication delivered with a friendly smile. They understand the importance of building positive relationships and creating a delightful experience for your clients.
  • A One-Stop Shop for All Your Needs
Don't waste time searching for multiple assistants. Our pool of Back Desk Virtual Assistants boasts a wide range of expertise. Whether you need help with email management, social media marketing, data entry, or administrative tasks, we can connect you with the perfect Virtual Assistant to streamline your workflow.

Ready to take control?

Back Desk Virtual Assistants can transform your work life and launch your business to success.
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